Arts & Culture Advisory Committee

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Arts & Culture Advisory Committee 
Date: Wednesday, July 17
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: In-person meeting in the Raven Room, Municipal Hall


If you are interested in participating in this committee meeting, review instructions for public participation in committee meetings.


The purpose of the Arts & Culture Advisory Committee is to advise Council on the implementation of the West Vancouver Arts & Culture Strategy (2018–2023) and provide general oversight on arts and culture in the District of West Vancouver, taking into consideration the programming, physical administrative/governance, capital and operating funding, and ongoing operational aspects.


  • provide guidance to staff and Council on areas of general oversight on arts and culture in West Vancouver
  • advise and assist staff with prioritizing arts and culture strategies and incorporating them into annual divisional work plans
  • work in conjunction with staff to oversee subcommittees formed to focus on specific strategies and review findings and recommendations
  • provide input on the implementation of the West Vancouver Arts & Culture Strategy (2018–2023)
  • review and comment on matters pertaining to the ACAC’s purpose as referred by staff or Council

Voting Members

Kim Burnett (Acting Chair), Kirsten Hall, Camran Monsef, Freda Pagani, Stephen Price, Anna Repstock, Scott Swan (Chair), and Monique Wilberg.

Non-voting Members

Nicole Brown (West Vancouver Board of Education), Andy Krawczyk (Kay Meek Arts Centre Board of Directors), Catherine Schachtel (West Vancouver Community Arts Council Board of Directors), and Lorena Yu (West Vancouver Memorial Library Board).

Council Representative

Councillors Gambioli and Watt

Staff Representative

Doti Niedermayer, Senior Manager, Cultural Services

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