Public Art

You will find public art in many places in our community: in galleries, on beaches, on street corners and in public buildings. Art is part of our community’s identity.

With over 100 pieces in our Public Art Inventory, browse this page to view some highlights from the collection. 

Above: Emerging Power by Ian Rowles


The south wall of the Aquatic Centre is actually an award-winning installation of moveable sunshades.

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Beach Tangle

Beach Tangle is a 12- by 20-foot sculpture of driftwood pieces and objects combed from West Vancouver's beaches and shores.

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Big Chairs

Infrastructure or art? Located at the foot of 18th Street on the beach by the Seawalk, the Big Chairs might tempt you to sit and read.

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Chimney Mural

The Music Box hosts arts programs, concerts and workshops and is a piece of art itself. The chimney mural pays homage to its artistic location by depicting a variety of art forms, painted on the cinder blocks that go from the ground up to and through the building’s roof.

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Community Faces

West Vancouver was a venue city for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and the West Vancouver Community Centre hosted joyous community celebrations up to and during the Games. Community Faces features portraits of those who took part.

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Completed during the 2016 Harmony Arts Festival, this art installation, located on the Ambleside waterfront, in front of the Silk Purse Arts Centre, is a conversation starter. 

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Eye of the Mountain Bear

Walking through Ambleside, you’ve probably passed this fountain with a sculpture carved from a 12-tonne jade boulder from the Cry Lake Jade Mine, near Kutch Creek in northern BC.

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German Friendship Globe

Precisely engraved with the continents of the world, the globe floats on a thin cushion of pressurized water in a granite basin. The Friendship Globe was donated by members of the German Community of Greater Vancouver, led by Harald Lincke, a long-time West Vancouver resident.

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Granite Assemblage

Ambleside Landing is home to this artificial tide pool created by fifty granite cubes and rectangles set at the edge of the harbour. The effect of the extended landscape at the waterfront draws visitors into this work of environmental art.

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Harmony is a beautiful stained glass window created in honour of Lieutenant in Command Gordon Stone, who died during active service in 1918 in WWI.

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Kwakiutl Bear Pole

In front of the ferry terminal building in Horseshoe Bay you’ll find this Haida-style totem pole carved from Western red cedar.

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Lucky: Mona’s Harbour Seal

This bronze sculpture of an appealing, friendly harbour seal encourages users of the Aquatic Centre to rub it for luck. Originally from Stinson Beach, California, the sculpture was donated by Jim Brickley.

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Small World

Welcome the latest contribution to West Vancouver's public art on the Great Lawn of the West Vancouver Community Centre, nicknamed Mama and Baby, as they mirror the dynamic of parents bringing their children to the Community Centre, keeping an eye as they socialize.

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Spirit House Post: Gathering of Nations

Located on the Great Lawn on the Community Centre grounds facing Marine Drive, the Spirit House Post is often the centre of community celebrations. The four faces represent water, land, sky and the Eagle deity.

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Spirit of the Mountain

This signature sculpture is another West Vancouver landmark, greeting visitors at the entrance to Ambleside Park.

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Squamish Nation Welcome Figure

The Welcome Figure is a West Vancouver landmark in Ambleside Park, visible from Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park and the waterfront of West Vancouver.

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Public Art Inventory

See more works from the Public Art Inventory that are on display and accessible to the public:

Public Art Inventory

Public art advisory committee

The committee makes recommendations regarding public art policy and procedures, and assists with the implementation and enhancement of the Public Art Program.

Public Art Advisory Committee

Public art on private property

You will see public art throughout West Vancouver on private property, such as at Park Royal Shopping Centre or on the Grosvenor Ambleside property.

The District does not have a full list of public art on private property, however, we have noted some helpful links to some larger and notable art pieces you may see in the community.

Park Royal

Public art at Park Royal Shopping Centre

Grosvenor Ambleside

Tree Snag at Grosvenor Ambleside

Arts & Culture at Grosvenor Ambleside

Media story: Gordon Smith and Douglas Coupland art at Grosvenor Ambleside