Crosswalk Flag Pilot

Some communities have successfully used hand-held crosswalk flags to improve visibility and safety of people walking at crosswalks. West Vancouver is implementing crosswalk flag pilot projects to explore this as an option for our community.

Crosswalk flags are a simple, inexpensive tool to help people be extra visible when crossing the street (especially in rainy weather or at night). 

Flag use is optional. People are not required to use a flag to cross the street.

How it Works

Yellow flags, flag holders and signs are placed at either side of the crosswalk.

To use the crosswalk flags:

  • take a flag from the holder and raise it toward the street
  • wait for traffic to stop to make sure you’re seen
  • cross the street holding the flag
  • leave the flag in the holder on the other side

If the crosswalk flag pilot proves to be beneficial, crosswalk flags may be considered for other pedestrian crossings in the community.

When driving, be sure to do your part and always look for and yield to pedestrians.