Council welcomes your input! There are three ways to communicate directly with Council by email:

1. Email "To" individual Council members directly:

  • Council members personally manage their individual email inboxes and will respond at their discretion;
  • Staff do not receive correspondence sent to Councillors individually; and
  • Correspondence sent only to Councillors individually (and/or is only “cc’d” to [email protected]) is not published on the "Correspondence" webpage.

Contact information for Council

2. Email "To" [email protected]

  • Staff manage this email account, and forward your correspondence to Mayor and Council on a weekly basis;
  • Staff also forward correspondence received via this email address to the appropriate division director for attention;
  • Correspondence sent “To” this address (prior to 8:30 a.m. each Wednesday) is published each week on the “Correspondence” webpage, however correspondence copied (“cc’d”) to this address will not be published on the “Correspondence” webpage.
  • Staff redact personal information unless the author consents in writing for it to be published (e.g. the authors’ names and personal contact information); and
  • Written responses from staff to correspondence authors are included in the “Responses to Correspondence” section of each week’s correspondence list.

3. Email "To" [email protected] and copy "cc" the Council members of your choosing

  • The Council members of your choice will receive your email immediately; and
  • Correspondence items will also be processed by staff in accordance with option 2 (above).