Student Film Permit

To obtain a film permit please read the below information and provide the required application package 10 days prior to filming.

Student Film Permit Requirements

Film students are required to obtain a film permit for any production activity that occurs on private property, municipal property or parks. Typically, the permit application fees are waived, however, if any District services are required (e.g. WVPD for traffic control, Parks Liaison, special effects supervision, Signing personnel, etc.) those costs will be incurred accordingly.

Please submit prior to filming:

You may require an Electrical Permit (72-hour notice is required for the permit to be valid). Damage Deposit may be required depending on scope of project and location. 

Student Film Permit Fees

Film permit fees will be waived for film school projects that meet the following criteria:

  • the school is an accredited and recognized educational institution
  • the project must be assigned by the instructor and be part of the curriculum
  • all personnel working on the project are doing so without financial compensation
  • the project is for academic use only, not to be used for commercial gain

Filming Locations

While we support student filming, all projects must adhere to the West Vancouver Filming Policy and approved by the Film Office. Student filming is not permitted in parks on weekends or statutory holidays.