North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues


A joint North Shore Committee which formulates proposals and makes recommendations to the three North Shore Municipalities on matters affecting people with disabilities. It also provides a forum for discussion on issues affecting people with disabilities.


  1. To bring forth issues and recommendations that require action by municipal Councils and staff.
  2. To deal with any matter referred by municipal Councils or staff.
  3. To advise on any matters that the North Shore municipalities are undertaking (i.e. municipal works projects) in order to ensure that the issues and concerns of people with disabilities are addressed.
  4. To work cooperatively with municipal departments, boards, and commissions whose activities affect people with disabilities.
  5. To work cooperatively with agencies representing people with disabilities. 
  6. To maintain a list of key organizations and contact people willing to be resources to the Committee.
  7. To solicit public input on matters affecting people with disabilities as appropriate to the work of the Committee.


Michelle Katerberg, Loreigh Mitges, and Nancie Parker.

Council Representative 

Councillor Cassidy

Staff Representative

Maeve Bermingham, Community Planner