Did you know that there are more than 250 km of paved roads in West Vancouver? From potholes to traffic calming to major construction projects, we help you get from A to B with minimal disruptions and delays, whether you choose to walk, cycle, use transit or drive.

Traffic Updates

Short and long-term work impacting traffic.

West Vancouver Transit & Schedules

With priority lanes, regular buses, community shuttles and frequent service, traveling by bus is a great way to get where you’re going.

Roads & Sidewalks

Our network of roads, sidewalks and bridges transport thousands of people and goods every day. When we expand sidewalks and bike lanes, we create safer routes for people walking or riding bikes.

Active Transportation

West Vancouver roads accommodate more than just cars: West Vancouver Transit transports thousands of people every day, expanded bike lanes mean cyclists have more options, and sidewalk improvements mean safer and efficient experience for pedestrians.

Commuting to School

By slowing down, obeying signage, and using extra caution when driving in or near school zones, you can help keep our school zones safe during the school year (September to June).


Parking regulations are in place to create safe and convenient access for all drivers in West Vancouver.