Fire & Rescue

What We Do

West Vancouver Fire & Rescue does much more than putting out fires. We work to prevent or minimize the impacts of emergency incidents by:

  • delivering prompt and effective response to fire, rescue, and medical emergencies
  • protecting life, property, and the environment
  • providing fire prevention services
  • holding public education events
  • enforcing regulations, including the Fire Code and municipal bylaws

Learn more about what we do below.

Community Outreach & Public Engagement

Discover ways West Vancouver Fire & Rescue interacts with the public, including upcoming events.

Fire Inspection Guidelines

As a building owner, you can prepare for a fire inspection by reviewing the Fire Inspection Guidelines posted here.

FireSmart Community

The District of West Vancouver is a FireSmart Community. Become part of the community that is working to reduce fire hazards in West Vancouver neighbourhoods.

Home Fire Safety

Fire prevention starts at home. Read on for tips and advice and how you can be prepared.

Seasonal Fire Prevention

Summer is the busiest fire season in West Vancouver but fire prevention is a year-round responsibility. In this section you’ll read about how to prevent fires during the Christmas season, around Halloween and during the dry summer months.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The District of West Vancouver’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan helps us prepare for and respond to wildfires where our community meets the forest. Approximately 50% of land in the District is within 100 metres of a forested area. 

Locations & Operations

Want to learn more about all things Fire & Rescue? Read about our fire stations and how you can become a firefighter.

Fireworks Permits

Effective October 16, 2023, the District of West Vancouver banned consumer use and sale of fireworks.

Fire Department Information for Developers

If you are a developer in West Vancouver, it is important to be aware that West Vancouver Fire & Rescue has specific requirements for new building construction. Learn more about general requirements and guidelines.

Fire Safety Plan, Pre-Incident Plan & Construction Fire Safety Plans

The British Columbia Fire Code outlines certain occupancies that are required to develop and maintain a Fire Safety Plan in cooperation with the fire department. Detailed information on Fire Safety Plans and how to produce them can be found here.


West Vancouver Fire & Rescue works to prevent and minimize the impacts of emergency incidents.
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