Submitting a Development Application

The Provincial Housing Supply Act mandates that the District collects and reports housing information for proposed new residential dwelling units. The Development Application Form has been updated to include these additional housing details. Please ensure the most current Form is completed when submitting an application on or after April 1, 2024. For questions regarding housing forms, please contact the Planning Department via email: [email protected]

Development applications are processed in compliance with the Development Procedures Bylaw.  The Development Procedures Bylaw outlines requirements for the review, processing and consideration of development applications. 

Virtual Services

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, planning and development services, including permits, are supported virtually. Please email your submission to the Planning Department:

Email Submission

Digital Drawing Requirements

Digital drawings must meet the District’s digital submission requirements, as follows:

  • PDF format, original size and correctly scaled
  • A verifiable digital seal is not required at the planning application stage but will be required when applying for a building permit
  • Label each digital submission as follows:
    Address – Document Title
    example: 750 17th Street – Development Application Form

Submitting Revisions

Revisions to applications must be sent to the planner assigned to the project. Please submit a full set of drawings including the revised pages. Revisions must meet the following requirements:

  • Changes clearly indicated (bubbled) on the plans
  • Provide a Summary of Revisions letter, itemizing responses to requested changes
  • Label the revised documents in accordance with the following naming standard:
    Address – Document Title – Revised
    750 17th Street – Architectural Drawings – Revised January 1, 2021

Application Fees

Fees for pre-application reviews, development applications, public notifications, newspaper advertisements, and other miscellaneous fees can be found in the Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 5251, 2023.

Payments for applications can be made online. Please send in your application via email and Planning staff will generate a fee slip which can be paid at

To make a payment, select “Pay for Permit” and enter the folder number provided by staff. Please note that payment must be received and processed before staff review can begin.

Cannabis Retail Applications

The Interim Non-medical Cannabis Retail Policy permits one cannabis retail store in each of the commercial areas in West Vancouver for a total of four stores. 
For more information

Contact the Planning Department

While our front counter is closed at Municipal Hall, the best way to contact the Planning Department for enquiries is by email.

If you have an active planning application, please contact the planner working on your project directly.

Planning Application Process