Cannabis Retail Applications

The Interim Non-medical Cannabis Retail Policy permits one cannabis retail store in each of the commercial areas in West Vancouver for a total of four stores.

At the Regular Council meeting on December 15, 2021, Council approved two Temporary Use Permits to allow a non-medical cannabis retail business to operate for a period of three years in the Ambleside and Horseshoe Bay commercial areas at the following locations: 

  • 1453 Bellevue Avenue (Ambleside)
  • 6609 Royal Avenue (Horseshoe Bay)

Temporary Use Permit fees*

  • TUP Council consideration – $7,175**
  • Renewal of a Temporary Use Permit – $1,250, plus the associated costs for notice of renewal

Rezoning fees*

  • Preliminary development proposal – $1300***
  • Rezoning – $8,750***

*Additional charges may apply as incurred by the District. Additional charges can be for items such as advertising, mailing costs, consultant fees and legal fees.
**The maximum refund for the TUP application is $1,000 if the application does not proceed to preparation of permit as per the Fees and Charges Bylaw.
***There is no refund for a Preliminary Development Proposal application for a zoning amendment. For a rezoning application, there is a maximum $1,000.00 refund if the application does not proceed to preparation of a bylaw.

Submission requirements

  1. Full description of proposed business operations, including past business experience, corporate structure, number of staff, products sold, target market, hours of operation and other general business information
  2. Description of expected time frame for commencing business activities (if approved)
  3. A Community Impact Statement outlining the following:
  • Potential positive and negative economic, social and environmental impacts the business may have on the immediate neighbourhood and the wider community
  • Strategies for mitigating potential negative impacts
  1. Security Plan demonstrating security features that comply or exceed Provincial requirements
  2. Owner authorization form
  3. Certificate of title
  4. Location and context plan (show surrounding uses around the property)
  5. Site and contextual photos
  6. Distance to nearest elementary and high schools
  7. Physical store details: site plan, floor plan, photos of the exterior, proposed store name, proposed signage, storage
  8. Proof of application to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB). If an application receives Council approval final issuance/approval of the temporary use permit or rezoning would be held until confirmation from the LCRB of an acceptable application.
  9. Preliminary development application form (rezoning) or development application form (TUP)