School Zones

Purpose of School Zones

School zones help identify the most congested areas near schools.

The primary purpose of school zones is to ensure the safety of children traveling to and from school. Reduced speed limits in these zones help mitigate the risk of accidents involving children who may be walking, biking, or being dropped off by parents.

School zones aren't meant to uniformly enforce reduced speed limits along all routes to school. Children and adults safely use West Vancouver's roads seven days a week, and most roads have speed limits higher than 30 km/hr.

Sign Placement
The District conducted a comprehensive review of school zones surrounding all schools in fall 2022. The findings revealed inconsistencies in the placement of school zone signs. Consistent sign placement is crucial to driver compliance. When drivers understand the rationale behind the sign placement, they are more likely to respect and adhere to the limits.

After studying how other municipalities designate school zones, the District decided to align with other municipal guidelines, setting school zone signs within 150 meters of the school building. This approach will establish standardized and clear parameters for school zones across the District.

Enforcement and Compliance
Section 147 of the Motor Vehicle Act requires drivers to limit speed to 30 km/h when passing school buildings and grounds between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on school days (September to June).

Police resources to monitoring school zones are limited, which often results in low compliance with speed limit signs. Concentrated enforcement typically occurs in the immediate vicinity of the school building. By establishing consistent school zones around all schools, drivers will anticipate increased activity levels and heightened potential for police enforcement, leading to improved compliance with reduced speed limits.

Let us know if you have concerns with a school zone near you. We are committed to exploring solutions, including increased police presence, sidewalk construction, speed hump installations, or other effective measures to address safety concerns.

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