The Art Museum Advisory Committee (AMAC) acts as an advisory committee to Council and staff of the Parks, Culture & Community Services Division to guide long-term planning and to enhance and build community pride through the art museum’s programs and services.

The purpose of the Arts & Culture Advisory Committee (ACAC) is to advise Council on the implementation of the West Vancouver Arts & Culture Strategy (2018–2023) and provide general oversight on arts and culture in the District.

The purpose of the Arts Facilities Advisory Committee (AFAC) is to make recommendations to staff and Council on the development of a new arts and culture facility that aligns with Council’s vision to make West Vancouver a liveable, vibrant, and inclusive community. 

The Awards Committee is a select committee of Council and oversees an annual, ongoing District program. Consistent with our Vision, the District recognizes personal civic commitment in several aspects of community life. 

The Code of Conduct Committee is a Standing Committee of Council. The purpose of the Committee is to advise Council on the creation of a code of conduct regarding respectful behaviour and communications of and with Council, staff, volunteers, and members of the public.

The Community Engagement Committee is a select committee of Council which oversees the establishment and implementation of new working groups and revisions as may be necessary to Working Group Guidelines, and the optimal functioning of the District's other community engagement activities, as may be directed by Council.

The Community Grants Committee will allocate Council's Community Grants, according to Council Committee Policy.

The Design Review Committee (DRC) is an advisory committee of Council that makes recommendations to staff and Council on matters of design, and physical and aesthetic impact, including the impartial and professional review of development applications, relevant policies and regulations, major infrastructure and capital projects, and other matters that may be referred to the DRC by Council or staff from time to time. The DRC does not approve or reject projects or make policy decisions.

The purpose of the Environment Committee is to advise Council on the development and implementation of initiatives to meet the District’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets, adapt to climate change, and protect the community’s natural assets.

The Finance and Audit Committee is a standing committee of Council. The purpose of the Committee is to provide financial, risk management, and audit oversight of District financial operations and provide a forum for discussion of District financial issues.

The Gleneagles Community Centre Advisory Committee works with municipal staff by providing advice and recommendations on the operations of the Gleneagles Community Centre and satellite facilities, and developing policies to provide for effective recreation service delivery.

The Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) is established as an advisory body to Council and the Director of Planning and Development Services to assist in the processing of heritage applications, identifying and supporting the conservation of structures and landscapes recognised by the District as having significant heritage value and in undertaking education and engagement opportunities related to heritage conservation. 

The Lower Caulfeild Advisory Committee (LCAC) is established as an advisory body to Council and the Director of Planning and Development Services in the application of objectives and guidelines for the Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area.

A joint North Shore Committee which formulates proposals and makes recommendations to the three North Shore Municipalities and the North Shore Health Board on matters affecting people with disabilities. It also provides a forum for discussion on issues affecting people with disabilities.

The North Shore Standing Committee on Substance Abuse acts as a catalyst to bring together those in the community who are working to reduce the impact and incidence of substance abuse. It is a forum for exchanging ideas, coordinating efforts and supporting community-based initiatives. The Leaders that make up the North Shore Standing Committee on Substance Abuse recognize the opportunity and responsibility they have to advocate for solutions, and to raise community awareness and include community partners.

The Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel is established pursuant to the Community Charter, section 204, and consists of three members appointed by Council.

The Public Art Advisory Committee makes recommendations regarding public art policy and procedures, and assists with the implementation and enhancement of the Public Art Program.