Traffic Calming

The District is committed to ensuring roadways in West Vancouver are safe for use by all ages and abilities. Traffic calming measures help make West Vancouver safer. Measures include roundabouts and traffic circles, landscaped centre medians, on-street parking and no-vehicle-access areas.

Vertical Deflection (Speed Humps, Raised Crosswalks, and Speed Cushions)

In 2018, West Vancouver Council approved a Speed Humps and Other Vertical Deflections Policy allowing the use of speed humps and similar road treatments to slow vehicles and calm traffic in West Vancouver. The policy defines circumstances in which vertical deflections (speed humps, speed cushions, and raised crosswalks) can be used.

Speed humps will only be considered for locations that meet criteria outlined in the policy. Priority locations for installing speed humps are identified based on speed and traffic data and are informed by West Vancouver’s Pedestrian Network Study, which was adopted by Council in 2017.

Speed Humps and Other Vertical Deflection Council Report
Pedestrian Network Study

Roundabouts and Traffic Circles: How to Use a Roundabout

Benefits of Roundabouts and Traffic Circles