Election Sign Regulations

Regulations in the District of West Vancouver

At least 48 hours prior to placing an election sign on a District boulevard, the candidate or their representative must provide to the District the name, phone number, email address, and residential address of the person responsible for election signs.

To notify the District, please contact Pascal Cuk, Director of Legislative Services:


In the District, you are not permitted to place election signs in the following locations:

  • on a highway or public place, including a District park, or on other District property, except for a District boulevard
  • on a District boulevard which may damage or destroy any plantings or ground cover
  • obstructs or detracts from any traffic control device or signage
  • obstructs a line of vision at an intersection
  • creates a safety hazard for pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles
  • is placed within one metre of a fire hydrant

Election Sign Bylaw

Elections Canada Regulations

Elections Canada governs the regulations for signage during all federal elections. Political signs displayed outside of federal election periods are not regulated by Elections Canada.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Regulations

The Ministry of Transportation oversees regulations for election and referendum signs on highway rights-of-way.