Sign: Permits & Bylaw

If you plan to put up a sign to advertise your business, or alter an existing sign, you’ll need a permit.  

A building permit, structural drawings, and letters of assurance will be required for the installation of new awnings and projecting signs that have not already been permitted.

Please note that sign contractors will require a valid West Vancouver Business Licence.

If you are a new tenant or business, please review the business licencing process here.

Before you apply, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Sign Bylaw to understand what is and is not permitted. If it’s not mentioned in the bylaw, it’s not permitted.

To apply, you’ll need to provide a completed application form and include the following:

  • exact wording proposed
  • a scale drawing showing:
    • size of sign (height & width)
    • dimension of lettering (height & width), depth
    • sign colors and materials
    • width and height of store facade
  • location of sign on building and method of attachment (for new canopies and awnings additional drawings)

How to apply

Sign Permit Application Form (PDF)

To apply for a sign permit, please email your completed application and plans to [email protected]

Temporary Sign Permit Application Form (PDF)
(for non-profit organizations)

To apply for a temporary sign, please email your completed application to Mercedes Suarez, Traffic Technologist, at [email protected].