Commuting to School

Please do your part to keep all our children safe.

The speed limit in school zones is 30 km/hr. By slowing down, obeying signage, and using extra caution when driving in school zones, you can help keep our school zones safe during the school year (September to June).

Fewer cars around schools reduces congestion, traffic conflicts, and improves student safety. Choosing active transportation like walking or cycling to school is good for students' health and reduces pollution.

A joint School Traffic Advisory Round Table (START) meets regularly and staff conduct an annual School Safety Assessment to review traffic safety around schools and make improvements to engineering, education, and enforcement.

Crosswalk Flag Pilot Program

Crosswalk flags are a simple, inexpensive tool to help people be extra visible when crossing the street.

Get To School Safely

West Vancouver school zones, traffic calming such as traffic circles, speed bumps, signage... and more.

School Safety Assessment Program

An annual program to assess safety concerns in school zones and develop a prioritized list of recommended actions.

School Travel Mini-Grant

Mini-grant funding to encourage safe and active travel (walk, bike, roll, and transit) to and from school.

School Zones

School zones help create a safer environment for children traveling to and from school, reduce the risk of accidents, and promote responsible driving behavior around schools.

Resources for Schools

Check out these resources to help reduce traffic congestion and improve safety at your school.