Healthy trees are an important contributor to West Vancouver’s unique identity and high quality of life. They reduce air and noise pollution, provide energy-saving shade and cooling, furnish habitat for wildlife, and enhance aesthetics and property values. Protecting and enhancing our trees is important for residents, balanced with access to sunlight, views, and safety.

Trees are protected:

  • on District land/parks
  • within a stream corridor
  • on private property 
  • heritage trees (as part of the Community Heritage Register)
  • old growth trees

Cemetery grounds with trees

Tree Bylaw

The Tree Bylaw was adopted on November 2, 2020, as part of an ongoing process for the management of trees in the District.

A orange chainsaw cuts through a medium sized log.

Tree Cutting Permits

Review the applications and details regarding cutting trees on private property, public property, and in Watercourse Protection Areas.