Sports Courts

There are tennis and pickleball courts available for public use in West Vancouver.

Please view the list below for locations.

Court Usage

All courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis if there are no District lessons scheduled for the court. Please restrict games to 30 minutes if others are waiting.

Courts are used all year unless otherwise indicated. Please note that roller hockey is not permitted on the courts during tennis season (May to October).

Court Locations

Pickleball Advisory Roundtable

The Pickleball Advisory Roundtable is up and running. Representatives from West Van Players and North Shore Pickleball Club have joined other residents with backgrounds in sport, recreation, and mediation, and are working with staff to create a collaborative and supportive environment for this growing sport, while balancing and respecting public concerns.

Questions? 604-925-7275 | [email protected]

Pickleball Update January 25, 2024

In April 2022, Council directed staff to install four temporary pickleball courts on one of the two sports courts in Normanby Park. Recently, the Pickleball Advisory Roundtable met with staff and recommended that the four pickleball courts located at Normanby Park be made permanent, dedicated pickleball courts. Updated signage will be installed at Normanby Park in the upcoming weeks.

Hugo Ray Park pickleball update