Traffic-calming measures, road closures, and improved pedestrian-designated areas make walking in our community very safe.

Pedestrian Safety for Persons with Disabilities

Improving pedestrian safety for persons with disabilities is an important part of making West Vancouver accessible for all.

Below are some of the safety improvements we're making for people with vision and mobility issues:

  • wide sidewalks with even pavement and no obstructions; tree grates level with sidewalk
  • curb cuts—good cross slope and smooth transition; colour and texture differentiation provided
  • construction sites: smooth, safe pathway clear of debris; barrier detectable using cane
  • bus stops: shelter set back to provide good sightlines with posters to increase visibility; unobstructed wheelchair access
  • road signs: large in highly visible locations; easy to read
  • pedestrian crossings: signal located close to curb cut with large push button and audible signal; curb cut gives vision-impaired persons directional guidelines
  • sidewalk maintenance: debris and other hazards removed from, and around, sidewalks. Sidewalks are clear of obstructions. Sidewalk signs should be suspended above walkway.
  • ramps: handrails extend beyond the end of the ramp on both sides; ramp wide enough for scooters and wheelchairs
  • public buildings: markings well-placed on glass to make glass clearly visible

More Information

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