Service Charges

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the water, sewer and storm systems between their home and property line and for monitoring their own water consumption. The District is responsible for maintaining the water, sewer and storm systems up to the property line.

The District does not make repairs on private property but will shut off the water service for the property owners. If a leak stops when the water is turned off at the meter box, repairing the leak is the property owner's responsibility. If utilities crews are called out to a water/sewer emergency and the cause is determined to be the property owner's responsibility, crews are happy to assist but fees may apply.

Service charges

  • Regular service call (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.): $75 per hour
  • Emergency service call (Monday to Friday, 4 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. including weekends and Statutory holidays, anytime): $450
  • Water turn on/off: $150 (free if at time of water service installation) 

Note: The District covers the cost of repairing water service leaks on District property only. If you request a service call and the cause of the leak is on private property, the District will bill the property owner for the fees above. We don't repair water leaks on private property.

Water meter service charges

West Vancouver’s water utility is fully-metered, which means meters measure water use on each property. Water meters in West Vancouver are maintained regularly to help ensure water use is recorded accurately. 

Property owners must keep water meters accessible for maintenance. If a water meter has been obstructed by landscaping or other improvements to a property, the District could charge a fee to locate the water meter. Water meter service charges include:

  • locate water service curb stop and meter: $300 minimum, plus $150 per hour for calls over four hours
  • detailed water meter reading: $200 / new urgent request: $400
  • Special Meter Reading Fee: $150