West Vancouver is a scenic oceanfront community of individual, unique neighbourhoods situated in a narrow band of development between the water and the mountains. From the cottages and cabins of the early 1900s, West Vancouver neighbourhoods have been shaped by their distinct natural landscapes and through their history of development and land use decisions.

As a result of these past development patterns, West Vancouver is now comprised of mostly detached, single-family oriented housing, and some generally older apartment buildings located in and near commercial centres, with very limited availability of other housing forms such as duplex, triplex, and townhomes located in pockets throughout the municipality.

While our housing options continue to be limited, there has been a long-standing community interest in increasing the variety of available housing options. Seniors and young families alike are unable to find the right housing to meet their needs—such as accessible, single-level living options close to amenities and transit, and smaller, relatively more attainable options near schools.

The District plays an important and active role in increasing housing supply and options through policies, bylaws, and development application reviews. These initiatives help guide housing development through the community and address the needs of the present and future generations. The information highlights the District’s housing regulations, initiatives, and progress reporting.

Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing

Learn about Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing (SSMUH).

Provincial Housing Supply Act

Information on the Provincial Housing Supply Act and the District’s collection and reporting requirements.

Official Community Plan Housing Estimates

Summary of progress towards meeting the District’s housing estimates as outlined in the Official Community Plan.

North Shore Homelessness Action Initiative

Learn about the North Shore Homelessness Action Initiative (NSHAI).

Rental Housing

Overview of purpose-built rental housing in the District of West Vancouver.

Short-Term Rentals

Regulations on short-term rentals in the District of West Vancouver.