Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy

The District of West Vancouver (the District) is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act), as are all local governments, and most provincial public bodies. The Act ensures that public bodies are more accountable and open to the public. This is accomplished through a balance of the public’s right to “Freedom of Information” and “Protection of Privacy”.

  1. Freedom of Information 

    To make public bodies more open and accountable by providing the public with a legislated right of access to government records
  2. Protection of Privacy 

    To protect your right to privacy by prohibiting the unauthorized collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information by public bodies

The Act

  • is applicable to all records defined in Schedule 1 of the Act in the custody of the local government, subject to exceptions provided for in the Act
  • does not replace other procedures for access to information, or limit in any way access to information that is not personal and is available to the public
  • allows the public to request copies of government records and receive them in a timely manner

The District does not process access to records requests for the following organizations:

To request information from these public bodies you must contact them directly.

How to Make an Information Request

Most records are is available without a formal request for access to records. We encourage you to contact the appropriate departments directly to determine if the information you seek is readily available. Informal requests are often faster and less expensive than a formal request.

Formal Request

A formal request is only necessary if the records you seek are not routinely or readily available to the public. Your request must be made in writing and submitted to Legislative Services by email, fax, regular mail or hand-delivery to one of the following addresses:

Records and Privacy
750 17th Street
West Vancouver V7V 3T3
Email: [email protected]

You may also submit a Request for Access to Records form (PDF)
Email requests may be sent.

Please make your request clear, specific, and concise to reduce processing times and possible fees. Indicate in your request whether you would like to receive the records by email or regular mail.

Cost of a FOIPPA Request

Requests for access to records generate additional expenses for the District. Informal or routine requests for records are subject to the District's Fees and Charges Bylaw, Schedule B.

Formal FOIPPA Request

A small portion of the costs of a formal FOIPPA request are payable by the requestor (as provided by section 75 of the Act & Fee Schedule) however, the remaining costs are covered by the District.

There is no charge for your own personal information. All other requests from individuals (non-commercial) are charged $7.50 per quarter hour after the initial three hours of search and retrieval. If it will take longer than three hours to retrieve and prepare the records you requested, we will send you a fee estimate.

For a complete list of fees and charges please see section 75 & Fee Schedule of the Act.