Water & Sewers

We're fortunate to have some of the best drinking water in the world. Coming from mountain watersheds, our drinking water is either treated locally or purchased from Metro Vancouver. It is then delivered to your taps through an infrastructure that includes a complex network of mains, pump stations and treatment areas.

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Metered Water

West Vancouver’s water utility is fully-metered, which means meters measure water usage on each property.

With a water meter, you only pay for water you use. By using less water and not wasting water, you help conserve our drinking water supply and reduce costs on your quarterly utility bill.

Property owners are responsible for keeping the water systems on their property working properly and for monitoring water consumption. Water meters in West Vancouver are maintained regularly to help ensure water use is recorded accurately. 

A contracted third-party company called Neptune collects and providing meter readings to the District, and completes meter maintenance when necessary.

A Neptune technician may visit your property to locate your meter if it is in need of maintenance, including leaving a door hanger if your meter is located inside your home and scheduling a date and time to complete that maintenance inside your home.  

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Want to track your water consumption? Watch your water consumption trends online through MyDistrict.


Did you know?

Beginning in 2023, the District is adjusting its approach for water meter maintenance.

Many of the District’s water meters were installed in 2007 or 2008 and are nearing the end of their service life. Rather than replacing parts on aging meters, the District has directed Neptune to begin fully replacing these during routine maintenance.

Over the next five years, District anticipates Neptune will upgrade the majority of older water meters.
There is no charge to property owners when an older meter is upgraded.

While a new meter is installed, a property’s water is shut off for a short time. Temporary discoloration or cloudiness is normal when the water is turned back on. Run cold water from an outside or inside tap until the water is clear.