Parking Permits

Horseshoe Bay Park Resident Permit Parking Pilot

At the regular Council meeting on May 30, 2022, Council approved a motion and directed staff to establish a 12-month pilot program to implement new, resident-only parking restrictions in the following areas: 

  • from 6555 Nelson Avenue to the intersection of Bay Street 
  • the north side of Bruce Street, from 6443 to 6487 

The new regulations will limit non-resident parking to one hour during weekdays and allow for resident-only parking during weekends. Residents living in the above areas can obtain a parking permit if they do not already currently have one.

Weather permitting, the new pilot parking signage in Horseshoe Bay will be installed the week of July 25, 2022.

Apply for a Parking Permit

Residents in the above areas can obtain a permit by email.  A copy of the vehicle’s insurance papers reflecting the address of the permit area must be attached to the email.  Your invoice will be emailed to you which can be paid online or by mailing a cheque to the Municipal Hall, 750 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC  V7V 3T3.

The parking permit is valid for the calendar year. A renewal notice will be sent to you in December each year. 

Permit parking is available for residents in the following areas:

  • 6300-6400 Block Argyle Avenue
  • 6300-6400 Block Bay Street
  • 6300-6400 Block Bruce Street
  • 6300-6400 Block Chatham Street
  • 2200 Block Chippendale Road
  • 7100 Block Cliff Road
  • 6300-6400 Block Douglas Street
  • 6700 Block Dufferin Avenue
  • 5800 Block Eagle Island
  • 6800 Block Hycroft Road
  • 6200 Block Imperial Avenue
  • 6400-6600 Block Madrona Crescent
  • 6600 Block Madrona Place
  • 6800 & 7100 Block Marine Drive
  • 6200-6600 Block Nelson Avenue
  • 4300-4400 Block Ross Crescent
  • 6600 Block Royal Avenue
  • 4300 Block Stearman Road
  • 4800-4900 Block Water Lane
  • 6400 Block Wellington Avenue
  • 6600 Block Wellington Place
  • 5600 Block Westport Place