Building & Development

West Vancouver is a community with a high quality of life, unmatched natural setting and valued community amenities. Our processes ensure that any change respects and enhances what is primarily a residential community, and adheres to relevant legislation.

The planning department processes land use and development proposals received from residents and developers. Depending on the development proposal or project being contemplated, land development in West Vancouver will require a property owner or applicant to make a planning application for bylaw amendments and permits.

Building Permits & Inspections

Find the types of permits required for building or renovating a property and learn about the application process.

Land Development

The District works to ensure that new development is serviced by appropriate levels of utilities and provides engineering review of development applications and building permits.

Development Regulations

The Zoning Bylaw regulates the use of all lands within the District of West Vancouver.

Submitting a Development Application

Learn about the process and requirements involved in a development application.

Reports & Stats

Permit statistical reports are updated during the first week of the following month.


View open data or use WESTmap to explore West Vancouver.

Other permits & licences

Business, Street Occupancy, and other permits