Public Spaces

Please do your part to dispose of all waste responsibly. Whether you're in a park, municipal facility or on the sidewalk. 

Illegal Dumping

It is illegal to dump or deposit any household, business, construction or garden waste in any park, including any municipal receptacle.

Parks Recycling

Council directed staff to initiate Phase 1 of a three-phased parks recycling program in the District of West Vancouver’s destination waterfront parks.

Recycling in Municipal Buildings

The municipal building recycling program is similar to our successful residential recycling program, making it easier to recycle wherever you go.

Streetside Recycling

The three-stream bins replaced existing garbage bins along the roadside and feature recycling options for paper and containers, as well as traditional garbage collection.

Dog Waste

Visitors to some parks throughout West Vancouver will notice bright red bins for “Dog Waste Only." This is part of West Vancouver's effort to separate dog waste from regular park garbage by providing alternate disposal bins.