Dog Waste

Visitors to some parks throughout West Vancouver will notice bright red bins for “Dog Waste Only." This is part of West Vancouver's effort to separate dog waste from regular park garbage by providing alternate disposal bins.

This program will be expanding over the next several years to areas that see the most dog use.


  • Picking up after your dog is a MUST. There is no excuse for not scooping the poop.
  • Every dog owner is responsible for picking up every time.


  • It’s the law
  • It’s common courtesy
  • Dog poop is unhealthy


  • Home disposal:  double-bag your dog’s waste and discard in your residential garbage.  This is suitable for smaller amounts.
  • Avoid public garbage cans:  Public garbage cans in parks collect higher volumes of dog waste from public use. Avoid using them, as this creates health and safety issues when it reaches the Transfer Station.
  • Bag your dog waste and place it in one of the new “Dog Waste Only” bins, where available.


These distinctive red bins are located at some West Vancouver parks.

Red bins are for park use only. Manage your dog waste at home as usual.

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