Rezoning & OCP Amendments

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a high-level policy document that provides a framework for decisions and actions to preserve the quality of life in West Vancouver.

The zoning established by Zoning Bylaw No. 4662 specifies how the land can be used under existing rules. It regulates the intensity of land uses and provides limits to the height of buildings, density, setbacks, and lot coverage.

Where a proposed land use does not meet the requirements of the zone in which it is located, the owner or applicant may apply to Council for a rezoning. Any use or density change must be consistent with the OCP otherwise an OCP amendment is required.

The first step in an application for an OCP amendment or rezoning is the Preliminary Development Proposal. Visit the Development Applications webpage for more information.

The guide for OCP & Rezoning applications can help you navigate the various stages of the development process.

Planning and Development Procedures Bylaw No. 4940 provides the procedures for amendments to the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws as well as other development applications.

For further questions, please contact the Planning Department: