Blue Bus Fares


You may use a Compass Card, exact cash fare or Tap to Pay (for adult cash fares only).

Kids 12 and under ride free
Starting September 1, 2021, children aged 12 and under can ride TransLink services free of charge. Learn more.

  Adult      Concession
Zone 1 $3.10 $2.05
Zone 2 $4.45 $3.05
Zone 3 $6.05 $4.15

If transferring from the bus onto the SeaBus, SkyTrain or rail, you will need to use your Compass Card, Tap to Pay or you may purchase a single fare Compass Ticket at the Compass Vending Machine located at the station.

Learn more about transferring from bus to other modes of public transportation:

Transferring between buses, SkyTrain and SeaBus

Compass Card

Compass is a reloadable fare card that works everywhere on transit in Metro Vancouver. Compass Cards can be loaded with the fare product of your choice including Monthly Passes, DayPasses and Stored Value. 

You can keep using cash, bus transfers and FareSavers on buses, but you'll need Compass or Tap to Pay to transfer to SeaBus, SkyTrain or West Coast Express.

Load your Compass Card online, by phone, at a Compass Vending Machine or in person.

Where to purchase in West Vancouver

Get started with Compass Card

Tap to Pay

Card readers accept contactless Visa and Mastercard credit cards and Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. You can tap your credit card or mobile-payment method to pay your adult cash fare. Note: card readers will not accept debit cards.

Paying with a credit card or mobile device is ideal for people who don't have Compass Cards. Tapping with a credit card or mobile device allows you to pay right at the card readers without digging for change or lining up to purchase a ticket. Compass Cards operate the same way, but they offer a discount over cash fares.

How to use Tap to Pay

Concession Fares

The Concession Fare is a discounted rate available for the following groups:

  • children up to 13 (Starting September 1, 2021, children aged 12 and under can ride TransLink services free of charge. Learn more.)
  • seniors over 65 with proof of age
  • youth ages 14 to 18 with valid photo identification
  • persons with a current HandyPass ID



Trip Planner Note: TransLink Trip Planner is currently unavailable. Google Trip Planner is available.

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