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Trees are an important part of our forested community. They are valued by our community and provide the following benefits:


  • Habitat for birds and animals
  • Shade provides cooling in summer
  • Intercept rain to reduce intensity of storm runoff
  • Storage of carbon dioxide helps limit climate change
  • Stabilize slopes to reduce soil runoff and landslides 

Trees are protected:

  • On District land
  • Within a stream corridor
  • On private property 
  • Heritage trees (as part of the Community Heritage Register)
  • Old Growth trees

Interim Tree Bylaw

As an interim measure, the District adopted an interim bylaw to protect trees on private land, effective July 25, 2016, and allow more time to develop a thoughtful and balanced approach to tree management. More Information

Tree-cutting permits

Review the applications and details regarding cutting trees on private property and how to apply to cut trees on public land. More Information


Gyula Oszvald
District Arborist