A subdivision is the process of adjusting or realigning an existing property line, or dividing land into two or more parcels, and is defined under the BC Land Title Act and the BC Strata Property Act. Generally, subdivisions require the installation of or improvements to municipal infrastructure along the property frontage, including roads, sewer, and utilities. 

A subdivision may trigger a Development Permit for difficult terrain for any proposal where construction might occur on slopes exceeding 35% and/or where driveway grades cannot be provided at less than 20% using existing topography. Refer to the Official Community Plan for policy guidelines regarding Sites with Difficult Terrain NE 6. Where it applies, the Development Permit must be in place prior to final approval of the subdivision.

The first step in a subdivision process is the Preliminary Planning Review for Subdivisions. The preliminary review allows District staff to discuss your plans at an early stage to identify the information needed and which requirements might apply to your specific situation.

Information for Subdividers

Preliminary Planning Review for Subdivision