Lighthouse Park

A red and white lighthouse sits on top of a large rocky hill.

What's popular?

Lighthouse Park is approximately 75 hectares in size and a nationally significant natural park within West Vancouver. It has important natural and cultural resources and very high levels of use by local residents and tourists. The park is a biologically rich and unique resource and is an example of a remaining old growth coastal forest in the Lower Mainland. The lighthouse and light station grounds at Point Atkinson are a national historic site and one of the most photographed and recognizable landmarks in the entire Lower Mainland.

While the area directly around the light station grounds cannot be accessed by the public, there is a great viewpoint in the park that gives visitors a beautiful vantage point of the area. View the trail map for directions on how to find your way to the viewpoint.

The lighthouse, a national historic site, is one of the most photographed and recognizable landmarks in the entire Lower Mainland. The waters around Lighthouse Park is a Rockfish Protection Area, and the park is a favourite spot for picnicking.

Things to do in the park

  • Walking & hiking
    The Lighthouse Trails are all relatively short and appeal to people of varying fitness levels. Some trails are challenging—please wear good walking shoes or hiking boots.
    A map of the trails can be found here.  
  • Visit the lighthouse viewpoint 
    A functioning lighthouse has remained at this National Historic Site since the 1870s. See it for yourself, and become part of its history.
  • Bird watching
    From diving cormorants to soaring eagles, birders flock to Lighthouse Park for great viewing opportunities. 

Park hours

  • The park is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.


Public parking at the park is limited and fills up quickly in good weather. Parking lots will be closed when full. Please have an alternate plan and follow the instructions of traffic control personnel.

Lighthouse Park is accessed from a parking lot just off Beacon Lane. When travelling along Marine Drive towards Horseshoe Bay, turn left on Beacon Lane and follow the signs for Lighthouse Park.

Note: No buses are permitted down Water Lane or into the Lighthouse Park parking lot.

Pay parking is in effect year-round for Lighthouse Park, Whyte Lake/Nelson Canyon Park, and Whytecliff Park as of February 12, 2024.

Learn more about pay parking in parks


Toilets are available in three locations within Lighthouse Park:

  • Two portable toilets in the parking lot near the entrance to Juniper Loop Trail
  • Two individual stall outhouses on Beacon Lane Trail on the way down to the Lighthouse Station grounds
  • Four portable toilets at the bottom of Beacon Lane Trail near the Lighthouse Station grounds 
  • Lower washrooms closed: The septic system for the lower washrooms has reached its end of life. The washrooms are now closed and portable toilets are available for use in the area. 

Management Plan

Plan details and information can be found here:

Lighthouse Park Management Plan

Lighthouse Park Preservation Society

Please visit the Stewardship page for information on this group.