Electrical Permits

All electrical permits must be taken out on your behalf by a provincially-qualified contractor unless you can satisfy the electrical inspector that you have the knowledge and skills appropriate to do the work.

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You must have a MyDistrict profile and a valid West Vancouver or North Shore Inter-Municipal Business Licence prior to applying for a permit. Call 604-925-7152 to obtain a Business Licence.

Electrical Permit - Temporary Electrical Service

Electrical Permit - Building and Low Voltage Wiring

Electrical Permit - Street/Traffic Lighting

Required Electrical Inspections

Every inspection request must be accompanied by a completed declaration form:

Electrical Declaration Form

Electrical Inspections Completed by an Electrical Safety Officer

As per the Electrical Safety Regulations the field safety representative named on the permit must request an inspection at least once in every 180 day period.

Temporary Service Connection

A temporary electrical service for construction purpose must be inspected before B.C. Hydro will connect. Refer to Technical Safety BC Information Bulletin.

Permanent Service Connection

A permanent electrical service must be inspected before B.C. Hydro will connect. Ensure overhead lines meet minimum clearances and do not cross property boundaries (aerial trespasses). An Electrical Safety Officer may require a Load Calculation for the service before connection will be authorized.

Underground Conduits/Cable

Installation of underground conduits and cables require the approval of an Electrical Safety Officer prior to backfilling. Ensure adequate depth, sand bedding if required, and the appropriate caution tape (Caution Electrical Line Buried Below) is installed or on hand.

Slab Conduits/Cables

Installation of conduits and cables in forms or slabs require the approval of an Electrical Safety Officer prior to covering with concrete.

Rough Wire

A rough wiring inspection is required before covering and energization of any new circuits installed. No insulation, drywall or other covering material may be installed until the wiring has been approved by an Electrical Safety Officer.

Pool Grounding/Conduits

The pool bonding conductor and bonds for all metal objects within the perimeter of the pool must be inspected by an Electrical Safety Officer.


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