Lower Caulfeild Heritage Alteration Permits

Lower Caulfeild is a designated Heritage Conservation Area. If you own property within this area, a Heritage Alteration Permit is required for:

  • changes or alterations to existing structures
  • new construction
  • landscaping

The first step in an application for a Lower Caulfeild Heritage Alteration Permit is the Preliminary Development Proposal.

The following guide can help you navigate the various stages of the development process:

Lower Caulfeild Heritage Alteration Permit

For further questions, please contact the Planning Department:


Applications requiring Council approval

4841 The Dale

Approved Applications

4768 The Highway
4753 Pilot House Road
4719 Pilot House Road
4727 Pilot House Road
4772 The Highway
4797 The Highway
4767 Pilot House Road
4710 Piccadilly South
4727 Piccadilly South
4763 Pilot House Road
4733 Piccadilly South
4701 Piccadilly South
4730 The Highway

Approved exemptions

4753 Pilot House Road (2013)
4713 Piccadilly South

4787 Pilot House Road


Planning & Development Services



Conservation Area Review

In July 2012, Council implemented changes to policies and guiidelines for the Lower Caulfeild Heritage Conservation Area, and fees for alteration permits.