Pedestrian Network Study

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The Pedestrian Network Study reviewed streets and urban connector trails in the District to determine those that would become part of the pedestrian network and see future upgrades to improve walkability and safety.

Pedestrian Network Study

Traffic volumes, pedestrian volumes, proximity to schools, etc. were taken into consideration when deciding the type of pedestrian improvement needed, such as sidewalks or gravel paths, trimming of overgrowth, removal of encroachments, installation of lighting, and other pedestrian amenities. 

The objectives of the Pedestrian Network Study were to help the District better understand current walking conditions, gather community insight on areas for improvement, and explore opportunities for enhancing the walking environment.

The study provides a framework for expanding and improving pedestrian routes to facilitate safe, efficient, and comfortable places to walk for recreation as well as for transportation.

The project launched at the end of 2014 and the final report was approved by Council on July 17, 2017.  

Future planning work will determine budget amounts for pedestrian improvements in specific corridors, at which time the District will begin to review options for individual streets and begin public consideration on improvements.

The Process

The project launched at the end of 2014 and was completed in summer 2017.

Phase 1: Fall 2014. Review of relevant background information and data.

Phase 2: Winter 2014-15. Inventory and assessment. Review the existing pedestrian network and collect input from the community on opportunities and challenges in the walking environment. Public participation opportunities will include workshop sessions, face-to-face discussions and a survey. 

Phase 3: Summer 2015 to Winter 2016. Draft recommendations and develop realistic strategies for implementing them, based on the findings from Phase 2. 

Phase 4: Fall 2016. Collect feedback from the community on the draft pedestrian network map and priorities. 

Council Approval: The Pedestrian Network Study Final Report was approved by Council on July 17, 2017. Staff have been tasked with commencing implementation of the recommendations for additions and improvements to the pedestrian network.

Staff have begun planning work for future additions and improvements to the pedestrian network in order to budget amounts for improvements in individual street segments.

When a review begins for an individual street segment, residents on the street will be notified to allow input into the planning process. The full report can be viewed below:

Pedestrian Network Study Final Report | June 30, 2017

Online Survey

Results from the online survey conducted between December 2016 and January 2017 can be viewed below:

Map exercise and online feedback

Open Houses

Links to the display boards from the open houses held in the fall of 2016 are below. 

View the Open House Display Boards

Draft Network Map - Ambleside

Draft Network Map - British Properties

Draft Network Map - Caulfeild

Draft Network Map - Dundarave 

Draft Network Map - Horseshoe Bay

Draft Network Map - West Bay