Bears, Coyotes & Other Wildlife

West Vancouver is home to many wild animals, including raccoons, coyotes, skunks, cougars and bears. It's important that we do what we can to keep wildlife in the wild and out of our neighbourhoods.


Find out how to report a bear sighting and how to avoid attracting bears to your property.

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Coyotes are well adapted to living in urban areas. They are naturally timid but may act aggressively if they become too comfortable with people. With a few simple actions, we can help reduce conflict between people, pets and coyotes.

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Understanding cougar behaviour and why they may be close to trails or urban environments is the first step to keeping you and your pets safe in the rare event that you have an encounter with a cougar.

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Managing rodent pests

Rodents play an important role in natural habitat and are a primary food source for many bird species including owls and eagles. But when they rely on an urban environment (such as your home) for food and shelter, their populations can expand quickly and result in a rodent problem.

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Reducing wildlife attractants

Get more information on West Vancouver wildlife, such as how to reduce wildlife attractants in your garbage.

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Ticks & lyme disease

Ticks are common in British Columbia and can carry the bacteria causing Lyme disease, however, the rate of Lyme disease has remained low in BC compared to other parts of North America.

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