Managing Rodent Pests

Rodents play an important role in natural habitat and are a primary food source for many bird species including owls and eagles. But when they rely on an urban environment (such as your home) for food and shelter, their populations can expand quickly and result in a rodent problem.

With the right methods, you can control rodent populations on your property while keeping other wildlife safe.

What the District is doing

The provincial government has the authority to ban or restrict the sale of rodenticides throughout British Columbia.

Council voted in favour to ban the use of anticoagulant rodenticides on District properties on September 28, 2020. District staff discontinued the use of rodenticides in October 2020, and began utilizing alternative methods for rodent control in or around District facilities.
West Vancouver Council joined other municipalities in writing a letter to the province in 2020 urging a province-wide ban on anticoagulant rodenticides.