There are tennis and pickleball courts available for public use throughout West Vancouver.

Please view the list below for locations.

Court Usage

All courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis if there are no lessons scheduled for the court. Please restrict games to 30 minutes if others are waiting.

Courts are used all year unless otherwise indicated. Please note that roller hockey is not permitted on the courts during tennis season (May to October).


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Update January 14, 2022

West Vancouver Council seeks a new temporary location for pickleball courts

At their December 13, 2021 meeting, West Vancouver Council directed staff to report back to Council in January 2022 with options for moving the 29th Street pickleball courts to an alternative location in the short term.

On Monday, January 24, 2022, Council will consider the resulting staff report proposing temporary dedicated pickleball courts be located at McKechnie Park. 

View the Council agenda and report

The Council meeting begins at 6 p.m. 

To share your input regarding this matter with Council, you may email Council or speak at the Council meeting when Council considers the report:

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Update October 2021

Parks staff are working on a plan to move the 29th Street dedicated pickleball courts to a new location in Ambleside Park for 2022. The 29th Street courts will continue to be in use with restricted hours of play, 9 a.m to 6 p.m., seven days a week.

Pickleball is quickly increasing in popularity and many residents are looking for more opportunities to participate in the sport.

As the popularity of this sport has increased, it is becoming apparent that dedicated pickleball courts are not a good fit for adjacent residential neighbourhoods because it is a much noisier game than tennis.

One location suggested by pickleball groups for dedicated courts is Hugo Ray Park. Hugo Ray Park is on a former landfill site and requires investigation to determine if it is feasible to build pickleball courts at this location. This park also has limited access through a residential neighbourhood.

District staff have reviewed all the possible sites in the District for dedicated pickleball courts, including sites with and without existing tennis courts. Most sites are not suitable, primarily due to their proximity to residences, with secondary issues such as accessibility, access/egress, and limited parking.

Short term plan 

  • The District has committed to replacing the 29th Street courts with three to four dedicated pickleball courts in Ambleside Park in 2022 (pending budget approval).
  • Until the new courts are operational, the pickleball courts at 29th Street will remain open with hours of play restricted between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., seven days a week, to provide for some quiet time in the neighbourhood.
  • The District will continue to follow its current practice when a park location with more than one tennis court is resurfaced, to paint pickleball lines on one of the tennis courts to allow shared use between tennis players and pickleball players.
  • Opportunities for indoor pickleball will continue to be provided at the West Vancouver Community Centre and the Gleneagles Community Centre.

Long term plan

Staff will request a budget for 2022 to begin a site suitability review of Hugo Ray Park for dedicated pickleball courts. Staff will also consider any other possible locations for dedicated pickleball courts.

Any site selected for a large number of dedicated pickleball courts would require a site feasibility analysis and community consultation before any construction takes place.

Court locations

Tennis court locations # of courts Address
29th Street Park 1 29th Street and Marine Drive
Altamont Park 2 Gisby Street and Rosebery Avenue
Ambleside Park 3 13th Street and Marine Drive
Benbow Park 3 3100 block Benbow Road
Burley Park 1 10th Street & Burley Drive
Caulfeild Elementary 1 Piccadily & Marine Drive
Cedardale Park 1 34th Street and Inglewood Avenue
Chairlift Park 1 2700 block Chelsea Close
Cypress Falls Park 2 4550 Woodgreen Place
Cypress Park School 2 4100 Burkehill Road
Glenmore Park 2 100 block Glenmore Drive
Horseshoe Bay Park 1 Douglas Street
Larson Bay 1 6100 block Gleneagles Drive
McKechnie Park 2 Bayridge and Mathers Avenue
Normanby Park 2 16123 Pinecrest Drive
Parc Verdun 2 5600 block Marine Drive
Plateau Park 2 5200 block Spurce Field Road
Westridge Park 1 Westridge Avenue
Westwood Park 1 4700 Westwood Drive
Whytecliff Park 2 7100 block Marine Drive


Pickleball court locations # of courts Address
29th Street Park 3 29th Street & Marine Drive
Benbow Park 1 3100 block Benbow Road
Chairlift Park 1 2700 block Chelsea Close
Cypress Park School  1 4100 Burkehill Road
Glenmore Park 1 100 block Glenmore Drive
Whytecliff Park 1 7100 block Marine Drive



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