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Seniors' Activity Centre Advisory Board

The Seniors' Activity Centre Board (SAC Board) and staff partner together for effective program and service delivery at the Seniors' Activity Centre. With 11 voting and one non-voting member, the SAC Board works closely with Seniors' Activity Centre staff in achieving program, facility, and equipment enhancements, welcoming social ambience, excellent food service delivery and advocating for supportive seniors services in West Vancouver. The SAC Board's finance committee, and the Board as a whole, advise on budget direction and may make recommendations to staff on programs and services for budget inclusion. The SAC Board assists and supports fundraising plans and projects that support the Centre or services for seniors (such as the Shuttle Bus).


Jain Verner (Chair), Dave MacLachlan, Jim Adams, John Watson, Scenery Slater, Nigel Clarke, Brian Hann, Barbara Gillingham, Fiorenza Albert-Howard, Roy Maguire

Council Liaison

Councillor Soprovich

Finance Committee

Brian Hann (Chair), Janet Morris, Dave MacLachlan, Joan Townsend, John Watson, Barb Gillingham, Bob Birch

This committee will:

  • provide advice and recommendations to the Board and staff on matters pertinent to the financial well-being of the Centre.
  • be responsible for the Friends of the Centre program
  • be included, as required, in the budget process and assist staff in evaluating all aspects impacting the Centre

Program Committee

Nigel Clarke (Chair), Jim Adams, Mahin Farrokhzad, Elizabeth Hsu, Joanne Milne, Janet Morris, Mel Hess, Linda Weitzel, Jain Verner

This committee will:

  • present to staff the opinions and concerns of the membership regarding program services
  • keep the SAC Board informed, where applicable, on program challenges
  • assist and support fundraising plans and projects

Café Committee

Roy Maguire (Chair), Kathleen Richardson, Fiorenza Albert-Howard, Hilary Schwedhelm, Chris Inouye, Pam Kaiway, Jain Verner, Paula Lamb

This committee will:

  • make recommendations regarding fee and menu changes, catering issues, service, decor and aesthetics, suggestions for equipment additions or upgrades and general suggestions 
  • present opinions and concerns of the membership regarding food services to staff and keep the Advisory Board informed of problems, new initiatives and suggestions
  • make recommendations to staff regarding food services and suggested areas for modifications or changes
  • keep the Committee advised of the general operation of the Cafeteria

Outreach Committee

John Watson (Chair), Lenore Rogers, Sheilah Grant, Bunny Brown, Sydney Lewis, Nick Bell, Erin Black, Christine Leipscher, Melanie Hess, Beth Probert, Jain Verner, Councillor Soprovich

Communications Committee

Scenery Slater (Chair), Dave MacLachlan, Hans Krutzen, David Patrick, Valerie Coles

Volunteer Advisory Committee

Jain Verner (Chair), Fiorenza Albert-Howard, Bunny Brown, Connie Buzunis, Mel Clark, Di Cook, Zheni Gazdova, Elizabeth Hsu, Kathy MacKenzie, Beth Probert

Flea Market Committee

Joan Townsend (Chair), Karen Hardie (Co-Chair), Ralph Townsend, Dave Patrick, Brian Hann, Basil Davis

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is comprised of the Vice Chair of the Advisory Board, the Vice Chair of the Program Committee, plus additional members appointed by the Committee if needed. This committee will:

  • execute and manage obtaining candidates from the general membership to fill vacancies on the Advisory Board
  • receive and review all submissions made by the membership to confirm that candidates meet all requirements as outlined in the Nominating Form
  • act in accordance with the guidelines stated in the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre Advisory Board Nomination and Election Manual

Election Committee

The Election Committee is comprised of the Election Committee Chair, appointed by the Advisory Board Chair. This committee will:

  • acquire committee members consistent with responsibilities
  • act in accordance with the guidelines stated in the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre Advisory Board Nomination and Election Manual

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees will consist of one Advisory Board Member and as many other members as may be required. These committees will:

  • report to the Advisory Board and shall be provided with the necessary support and assistance by all cooperating departments, Committees and the Boards to facilitate achieving their mandate

Annual Reports