Seniors' Activity Centre Advisory Board

The Seniors' Activity Centre (SAC) Advisory Board and staff partner together for effective program and service delivery at the SAC. With 14 voting members and three non-voting members, the SAC Advisory Board works closely with SAC staff in achieving program, facility, and equipment enhancements, welcoming social ambience, providing excellent food service delivery, and advocating for supportive seniors services in West Vancouver. The SAC Advisory Board Finance Committee, and the Board as a whole, advise on budget direction and may make recommendations to staff on programs and services for budget inclusion. The SAC Advisory Board assists and supports fundraising plans and projects that support the SAC or services for seniors (such as the Shuttle Bus).


John Watson (Chair), Sheilah Grant (Past Chair), Faye McMyn, Fiorenza Albert-Howard, Jain Verner, June Earle, Mahin Farrokhzad, Melanie Hess, Sheila Lamb, Brian Hann, Neil Carroll, Barb Graham, Dave MacLachlan, and Audrey Sojonky.

Council Liaison

Councillor Cameron

Appointments Committee

This committee will:

  • execute and manage the process of obtaining candidates from the general membership to fill vacancies on the Advisory Board.
  • receive and review all submissions made by the membership to confirm that candidates meet all requirements as outlined in the Nominating Form, and
  • act in accordance with the guidelines stated in the West Vancouver SAC Advisory Board bylaws. 

Café Committee

This committee will:

  • make recommendations regarding fee and menu changes, catering issues, service, decor and aesthetics.
  • make suggestions regarding equipment additions or upgrades and other general items.
  • present opinions and concerns of the membership regarding food services to staff and keep the Advisory Board informed of problems, new initiatives and suggestions.
  • make recommendations to staff regarding food services and suggest areas for modifications or changes, and
  • keep the Committee advised of the general operation of the cafeteria

Communications Committee

This committee will:

  • promote programs, activities and events for members and non-members of the SAC.
  • be active in publications, promotions and media for the SAC and its members, and
  • be innovative in the positive promotion of the SAC.

Finance Committee

This committee will:

  • provide advice and recommendations to the Advisory Board and staff on matters pertaining to the financial well-being of the Centre.
  • be responsible for the Fundraising Committee, and
  • be included, as required, in the budget process and assist staff in evaluating all aspects impacting the Centre.

Outreach Committee

This committee will:

  • advocate for programs dedicated to frail and isolated seniors.
  • promote the integration of the frail and isolated seniors into the SAC and community activities, and
  • advocate for programs and services to service the senior community in West Vancouver.

Program Committee

This committee will:

  • research programs and make suggestions regarding potential new programs and services.
  • work with staff regarding existing program challenges and issues.
  • present to staff recommendations and suggestions from the membership regarding programs. 

Volunteer Advisory Committee

This committee will:

  • provide advice and support for volunteer leadership, recruitment, retention, and training.
  • advise on volunteer schedules, events and appreciation, and
  • plan for the future of volunteering and the creation of sustainable volunteers.

Ad Hoc Committees

These committees will:

  • be constituted from time to time as needed, and
  • report to the Advisory Board on their meetings and actions.


Donations can be made in support of the following causes:

  • Planned Giving – leave a gift in your will or make a memorial gift in honour of a loved one.
  • Feed The Need – supports meals for vulnerable seniors in the local community
  • Shuttle Bus – supports the operation of the SAC shuttle bus which runs 100% on donations, sponsorship, and grants
  • Keeping Connected – supports dementia-friendly programs, social supports, and aging-in-place initiatives
  • General Fundraising – supports a variety of needs that directly benefit SAC members
  • Feed the Need via West Vancouver Foundation – supports Feed the Need via the West Vancouver Foundation’s donation portal 

Tax Receipts

Donations over $25 will receive a charitable tax receipt (Charitable Tax # 121 453 963 RR0001).

More information 


Planned Giving

If the Seniors’ Activity Centre (SAC) has personally enriched your life or the life of a loved one, please consider leaving a gift in your will to the SAC or honour the memory of a loved one by making a memorial gift in their name. 

Every gift helps support the SAC’s mission, and enriches the community for generations to come.


Feed the Need

The Seniors’ Activity Centre’s meal program began as the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light a genuine need among this community’s most vulnerable seniors, who lacked the means to access regular meals. The Feed the Need program currently serves 335 meals per week, improving many lives.

Your ongoing donations help to ensure the continuity of this important program.

Feed the Need