West Vancouver acquires 1448 Argyle Avenue for waterfront park

Mayor Mark Sager is extremely pleased to announce, on behalf of West Vancouver Council, that the District has entered into a legal agreement to purchase the property at 1448 Argyle Avenue from Jim Pattison for the creation of Brissenden Waterfront Park. The District will take possession of the property in August 2023. This brings the District and the community one step closer to completing the acquisition of all the privately held waterfront properties between Ambleside Park and John Lawson Park.

With this acquisition, 31 of 32 properties have been purchased by the municipality. Donation of property by the Brissenden family has made this latest acquisition possible and the family will continue to be recognized by retaining the existing park named for them, located at 25th Street and Shamrock Place, and by naming the new green space at Argyle Avenue, Brissenden Waterfront Park.

“I am delighted that we are that much closer to the completion of this waterfront park plan, something that has been welcomed and anticipated by the community and residents of West Vancouver for decades. I would also like to express my most sincere gratitude to my friend and long-time resident of West Vancouver, Jim Pattison, for helping to make this a reality” expressed Mayor Mark Sager. “Our waterfront is one of West Vancouver’s most cherished features, and preserving it as public space is important to our community.”

When complete, the waterfront parks from Ambleside to John Lawson will provide public access to the ocean, green space, heritage, cultural activities and festivals, garden plots, and a continuous foreshore path which will be accessible for everyone, including people with mobility challenges.

Jim Pattison added “1448 Argyle was home for me and my family, and also for my mother and father for many years”. “Today we are happy to help Mayor Sager and the District of West Vancouver in achieving their goal of creating this new parkland on the oceanfront.”