Water restrictions in effect starting August 4

Starting August 4, all municipalities in Metro Vancouver will move to Stage 2 watering restrictions, which will prohibit lawn watering, due to high water demand and forecasted hot, dry weather. 

Why are restrictions being implemented?

In West Vancouver, some residents are using four times more water this summer compared to past years.

Consistent above-average temperatures are combined with high water demand and it's putting pressure on the water supply.

Metro Vancouver typically delivers one billion litres of treated drinking water each day, however, that number can increase by more than 50 per cent during the summer, largely due to lawn watering and other outdoor uses.

Stage 2 water restrictions for residents

Metro Vancouver's Drinking Water Conservation Plan has four stages. We are now in Stage 2 of this plan, which includes the following restrictions: 

  • All lawn watering is prohibited
  • Trees, shrubs, and flowers can be watered by hand or using soaker hoses or drip irrigation at any time, or by using a sprinkler between 5 and 9 a.m. any day
  • Vegetable gardens can be watered at any time
  • Aesthetic water features, such as fountains, cannot be filled or topped up
  • Washing impermeable surfaces like driveways and sidewalks is prohibited except in limited circumstances

Learn more about the Drinking Water Conservation Plan stages.

Stage 2 water restrictions for non-residential properties:

Non-residential properties are subject to similar restrictions on lawn and garden watering, as well as filling and topping up aesthetic water features and washing impermeable surfaces. Watering at golf courses and sports fields is reduced and water play parks may not operate unless they have user-activated switches.

More detail on water conservation for non-residential properties.

West Vancouver water facts 

  • Almost half of our drinking water comes from right here in West Vancouver.
  • West Vancouver’s water is metered—when you use less, you pay less.
  • Our water use doubles in the summer largely due to lawn watering, power-washing, and other outdoor use.
  • Conserving water helps keep our environment healthy, reduces stress on our water system, and saves money. 

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