New school year – Slow down in school and playground zones

Students are going back to school on Tuesday, September 5, and traffic will increase all around. If you are driving, please be prepared:

  • Plan ahead. Give yourself more time to travel.
  • Slow down. Respect the 30 km/hr speed limits in school and playground zones.
  • Pay attention. Set aside distractions, and follow directions of any flag personnel on your route. They direct traffic to keep everyone safe.
Heading back to school?

When possible, choose to carpool, bus, or use active transportation options, such as walking or cycling, which helps reduce congestion and increase safety in school zones during busy pick-up and drop-off times.

“Drive 2 Five” by parking five minutes away from school and walking with your child. After school, meet them at school and walk back to the car together. A walk is a great time to connect with your child and learn something interesting about their day.

"Pick-up and drop-off only" means no parking! These spots are intended for your child to quickly and safely exit or enter your car. Please park somewhere else if you plan to linger.

More Information: Commuting to School