New dog leash requirements in Lighthouse Park and on the Seawalk

Two dogs on short leashes being walked by their separate owners.

There are new requirements for dogs on Birdsong Path in Lighthouse Park, the Centennial Seawalk, and the Ambleside Seawalk. 

At the April 8, 2024 Council meeting, Council voted to amend the Animal Control and License Bylaw to restrict leash length and the maximum number of dogs per person in these areas. This amendment also eliminates off-leash dog access to Birdsong Path.

Dogs are now required to be leashed on Birdsong Path. Well-behaved dogs that stay on the trails are still allowed off-leash in other areas of Lighthouse Park.

Dogs must be on a leash no greater than 2 metres in length on Birdsong Path, the Centennial Seawalk (except on the dog path behind the fence, where dogs are permitted off leash), and the Ambleside Seawalk. A maximum of two dogs per person are allowed on these paths.

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