Ambleside and Dundarave piers re-opened

After extensive repair work this summer, West Vancouver’s well-loved piers in Ambleside and Dundarave are now once again open to the public.

Both piers sustained significant damage in January 2022, due to a major storm that occurred in conjunction with a king tide. Because of the damage and associated safety concerns, the piers had to be closed. 

In the months following the storm, the District completed structural assessments of the damaged piers, confirmed insurance eligibility, and planned the repair work, including creating detailed designs, securing the budget, and obtaining the necessary foreshore permits. Repair of both piers began in June 2023. 

Ambleside Pier has had sections of deck planking repaired, damaged supports and bracing replaced, and new railings installed. Dundarave Pier has had its concrete slab replaced, its float and gangway repaired, and all-new railings installed.

Some minor work is still underway on both piers and is expected to be completed in the next several weeks. 

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