COVID-19 Updates


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Municipal Hall / Fire Hall No. 1 upgrades

Construction to complete seismic upgrades has continued at Municipal Hall and Fire Hall No. 1 with crews following safety procedures for COVID-19. These two projects will help ensure that District staff, including first responders, are able to continue to serve residents after a seismic event.

Fire Hall upgrades complete

The Fire Hall upgrades are substantially complete, and the Fire Hall is fully operational.

Municipal Hall upgrades – what to expect

April 2021

Construction to complete seismic upgrades continues at Municipal Hall. We wanted to let you know there will be construction work taking place on Monday, April 5.

Construction activities will be generally similar to those that took place this week, and the noise will also generally be similar. The work will include noisy intermittent drilling and cutting of materials, but is all taking place indoors on the basement, ground floor and main floor of the building, so there will be less noise heard from outside.

February 2021

Once this work is complete, the north-west corner of the building will be re-constructed. 

Construction will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both Saturday, February 20 and Sunday, February 21. The weekend construction activity will be generally similar to those that took place this week, and the noise will also generally be similar. The work will include intermittent drilling and cutting of materials, which will be noisy.

When complete, the structural upgrades will bring Municipal Hall up to Building Code standards and the envelope and systems upgrades will provide energy efficiencies that meet the District’s climate goals by significantly reducing carbon emissions in municipal operations.

October 2020 to February 2021

While basement work is underway, demolition work will begin on the second and third floors, including the replacement of exterior windows. At the same time, structural steel and concrete upgrades will begin in the basement and work up to the third floor.

The structural work will produce intermittent but significant construction noise. When it occurs at the same time as window removal, residents can expect to notice sounds of jack-hammering and concrete drilling. 

July to October 2020

As the excavation work is completed, underpinning and footing upgrades will begin.  This work will be limited to the interior basement of the building and we do not anticipate construction noise will be heard outside the building. During this time, residents will notice concrete trucks periodically, as they approach up 17th Street and turn right into the Municipal Hall parking lot. Traffic control personnel will be onsite to direct traffic.

July to August 2020

Seismic upgrade work continues at Municipal Hall. Concrete drilling is taking place inside the building, and it may be heard from outside the building from time-to-time. Work is progressing up the floors of the building and as it goes higher the noise may become more noticeable from outside.

The District is making significant efforts to expedite this process and take advantage of the necessity of having some staff work from home. However, there continues to be uncertainty on the availability of trades. At this time, we expect the noise will continue intermittently until the end of August.