Economic Development Plan

The preparation of an Economic Development Plan for the District of West Vancouver was initiated in early 2016. Work included nearly two years of research, stakeholder engagement, academic and other working partnerships and strategy development.

This plan represents the first in-depth analysis of local economic conditions in West Vancouver—both the challenges and the opportunities and the relationship between local economic health and community resilience. It has also clarified the municipality’s role in economic development: to grow and diversify the local economy to support existing and future businesses, provide more local employment opportunities and broaden the municipal tax base. 

The plan shifts our thinking about West Vancouver’s economy from purely serving the needs of local residents to what it takes to build a more vibrant, thriving and sustainable local economy over the long-term.

It is founded on three strategies focused on visitors, commercial areas and emerging opportunities. Individually, these strategies will capitalize on business opportunities in key economic sectors—be they immediate or short-term opportunities or longer-term possibilities. Together, they provide the framework for a sustainable local economy.

Part A of this document speaks to the role of municipal economic development and the District’s economic partnership model. The plan’s three key strategies for economic diversification are presented in Parts B, C and D respectively.