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North Shore Sea Level Rise Strategy

Rising sea level resulting from climate change is a real and growing concern. Coastal areas like West Vancouver’s waterfront are already vulnerable to flooding from extreme weather, and this risk will continue to increase with projected sea level rise in the future.


The District of West Vancouver is currently working with North Shore partners to create a North Shore Sea Level Rise Risk Assessment and Adaptation Management Strategy to understand and manage the present and future risks of sea level rise across the North Shore.


We are asking the community to join us as we learn more about sea level rise. Take part in the survey to identify important public land and infrastructure related to flood protection. The final North Shore Sea Level Rise Risk Assessment and Adaptive Management Strategy will combine technical work on the risks of sea level rise, feedback from the community related to land and infrastructure protection as well as adaptation strategies most appropriate for this community. These strategies will help the community manage risk and ultimately adapt to sea level rise.

In early spring 2020, the District of West Vancouver will be consulting with its residents to:

  • Seek community feedback on recommendations from work related to Flood Control Levels and the Coastal Marine Management Plan Working Group
  • Engage on the concurrent District projects to provide the community with an understanding of the various areas of work that has been done to prepare for sea level rise and how the outcomes of each project support the work of the others

Learn more about the North Shore Sea Level Rise Strategy Project:

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Matthew MacKinnon
Environmental Manager



Project Partners

  • District of North Vancouver
  • City of North Vancouver
  • District of West Vancouver
  • Squamish Nation
  • Port of Vancouver
  • North Shore Emergency Management