4607 Woodgreen Drive, 4663 Woodridge Place and 4665 Woodridge Place (Sites with Difficult Terrain DP)

Development Application - Active Applications

February 2024 Update

Following neighbourhood notification the applicant has revised the application and provided additional information in the attached files linked below.

Revised Plans
Response to Neighbourhood Comments

July 2023

The owner of 4607 Woodgreen Drive, 4663 Woodridge Place, and 4665 Woodridge Place has submitted an application for a “Sites with Difficult Terrain” Development Permit. The Development Permit would facilitate subdivision from three existing single-family lots to five single-family lots.

The three sites are 6,979 square metres in combined area. The topography of the site area slopes downward from north to south at an average of between 15 degrees to 20 degrees. Granite bedrock is exposed throughout the site area and are typically flat laying. Wood-framed residential structures are present on the three subject properties. The subject properties are zoned RS10, which has a minimum lot area requirement of 975 square metres.

Proposed site plans

Council has delegated the approval of minor development permits to the Director of Planning & Development Services, subject to public input. Please provide your written comments to John Carbon (see contact information below) no later than 4:30 p.m. on July 28, 2023, to make them available to the Director for his consideration.


John Carbon
Planning Technician


To comment on this development application, you may send an email to Mayor and Council: Correspondence