3370 Chippendale and 3852 Uplands Way

Development Application - Active Applications

The owner of these two properties has submitted the following development permit applications:

  • 3852 Uplands Way (Development Permit 23-014): This proposal is for a 14-unit cluster housing project comprising of one- and two-storey units with basement. Variances to the zoning bylaw are proposed for building height, retaining wall heights and front yard setback.
  • 3370 Chippendale Road (Development Permit 23-013): This proposal would allow for six two-storey cluster housing units with variances to the zoning bylaw proposed for building height, retaining wall heights, side yard and front yard setbacks.

The applications were considered by the Design Review Committee on April 20, 2023. The applicant is currently reviewing Committee comments regarding their application. 


James Allan
Senior Development Planner

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