2055 Queens Avenue (Toby House)

Development Application - Approved Applications

The proposed development has been guided by a heritage conservation plan and is framed within the context of an HRA bylaw (Appendix C), and includes the following components:

  • Zoning Bylaw variances to enable subdivision of the property into two fee simple lots: a new eastern lot (proposed Lot A) of approximately 1573.4 m2 (16,936 sq.ft.); and a new western lot (proposed Lot B) of approximately 1931.5 m2 (20,791 sq.ft.);
  • Retention of Toby House (in situ) on proposed Lot A;
  • Conservation of Toby House in accordance with the above-noted conservation plan, including minor internal alterations, a rear addition of 812 sq.ft., and a new 313 sq.ft. accessory building–for a total floor area of 4,373 sq.ft. (0.26 FAR);
  • Construction of an infill dwelling (referenced in the attached drawings as “Hill House”) of approximately 4,894 sq.ft. on proposed Lot B (0.24 FAR);
  • Ongoing legal protection for Toby House via Heritage Designation;
  • Retention of some mature trees and landscaping (outside of proposed building areas), and protection and enhancement of the riparian area on proposed Lot B; and
  • The ability to make future changes, in accordance with the heritage conservation plan, and subject to a Heritage Alteration Permit.

Council approved the proposal on May 11, 2015.

2055 Queens Avenue Approved Plans


Lisa Berg
Senior Community Planner